Make Every Tuesday Giving Tuesday Tuesday is here! There is still time left in the day to give to the nonprofits you believe in. Friday was Black Friday for shopping at the mall and big boxes, Saturday was Small Business Saturday to promote shopping at locally owned small businesses, and Monday was Cyber Monday for internet shopping. Today it is Giving Tuesday and we – collectively – can get our give on! You can give by cell phone or through the ever accessible “donate now” button. You can give the “old fashioned” way by writing a check. Most importantly it’s time to give AND you can make very Tuesday a giving Tuesday. Here are three tips!

  1. Set up your checking account to automatically transfer funds to your favorite charity every Tuesday. Or every first Tuesday of the month. You pick! Giving small amounts frequently – and AUTOMATICALLY – makes it easier to give. You make the decision once and technology keeps you committed.
  2. Write a check to one of your favorite nonprofits when you write your monthly bills. You can pick the same one each month, or pick a different one each month.
  3. Join or create a giving circle – you and your friends can get together once a month, pool your money and choose where to give it. You can be as simple or as complex as you want to be. You can get ideas by visiting

Enjoy giving. Enjoy fundraising. Keep the FUN in FUNdraising.

Mel and Pearl Shaw

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