Strategic Planning

Saad & Shaw Strategic PlanningLet us help you develop a comprehensive, user-friendly strategic plan.

We will help you:

  1. Review your mission, vision, leadership, and programs
  2. Work with board members and stakeholders to learn whether they are willing to support and invest in your strategic plan
  3. Create strategies for bringing your plan to life
  4. Determine if you have the consensus and leadership required to fund and implement your plan
  5. Test the financial viability of your strategic plan before you adopt it
  6. Craft planning documents, including goals, timelines, and job duties.”

Our experience has shown that it is critical for a nonprofit to know if it can secure the financial resources required to carry out a strategic plan. You must test your vision — and the projected costs — with those who will provide the funding. Our process will help you incorporate this into your strategic planning.

I’m interested! Let me know how I can work with Saad & Shaw.


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