How to Solicit a Gift

Workshop Overview

Have you been asked to raise money for a non-profit, college, hospital or church?

Are you willing but not sure how to proceed?

Is it your job to prepare volunteers and staff to solicit gifts?

This interactive workshop is for you! Through small group exercises and role-playing participants will learn:

  • What information and materials are needed before you make the ask
  • How to identify prospective donors
  • How to cultivate prospective donors
  • How to construct the ask for a gift for an organization or institution
  • What to do when a donor says “Yes”
  • What to do when a donor says “No”

This workshop provides knowledge and insight for both seasoned fundraising professionals, and those who are just now starting on their fundraising journey.  No matter what level of understanding you currently hold this workshop will provide you with key additional insights into the field of practical fundraising.

Audience: board members, staff and volunteers at small to mid-sized nonprofits.

Presenters: Mel and Pearl Shaw are the founders of Saad & Shaw – Comprehensive Fund Development Services. They provide clients with a unique brand of fundraising that combines marketing, corporate partnerships, and the best of business leadership with fund-raising fundamentals. Clients include colleges and universities, grassroots organizations, organized philanthropy and professional associations. They are the authors of Prerequisites for Fundraising Success: The 18 Things You Need to Know as a Fundraising Professional, Board Member, or Volunteer. Their weekly column FUNdraising Good Times, appears in publications serving more than 20 markets across the country, including New York City, Miami and Los Angeles.

Workshops available for board members, fundraising staff, those new to fundraising and mixed groups. Call (901) 522-8727 or email to learn more.


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