Prereqs for Fundraising Success

New book from Saad & Shaw

Prerequisites for Fundraising Success

Want to jumpstart your fundraising but aren’t sure where to begin?

Wondering how to boost support for your cause?

Struggling to prepare your organization for a capital campaign?

Our new book Prerequisites for Fundraising Success walks you through the steps for planning, launching, and maintaining successful fundraising programs.

This user-friendly, workbook-style guide gives you the fundamentals to build a stronger organization and more secure financial future. Learn strategies designed to take you from where you are to fundraising success!

You will learn how to:
– Assess your organization’s strengths and weaknesses
– Set attainable goals
– Develop a fundraising plan
– Hire the right staff
– Encourage teamwork
– Tell your story and raise awareness
– Recruit volunteers and cultivate leaders
– Manage your data
– Approach donors
– Reward donors

Ideal for:
– Volunteers
– Board members
– Fundraising staff
– Workshops and retreats


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