Fundraiser’s Guide to Soliciting Gifts

Fundraiser's Guide to Soliciting GiftsHave you been asked to raise money for a non-profit, college, hospital or church? Are you willing but not sure how to proceed? Is it your job to prepare volunteers and staff to solicit gifts? The Fundraiser’s Guide for Soliciting Gifts was written for you!

When you read The Fundraiser’s Guide for Soliciting Gifts: Turning Prospects into Donors you will learn:

1. Exactly how to ask for a gift to an organization or institution you believe in.

2. What you need to know before you ask someone for a gift

3. How to close a meeting

4. How to follow up on solicitation meeting

After reading this book you will know:

1. Why to ask for a gift in person instead of by letter

2. How to cultivate prospective donors

3. How to determine if an individual or business is a prospective donor

4. How to secure a meeting with a prospective campaign donor

5. The information and materials needed before beginning to solicit

6. What to do before asking for a gift

7. What to do when a donor says “Yes”

8. What to do when a donor says “No”

9. The exact things to say and do when meeting with a donor.

10. How to prepare to overcome objections

A Great Board and Volunteer Training Tool!



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