We Care, We Share – Cause Marketing Campaigns

Individuals, families, foundations, public agencies, and businesses and corporations all play key roles in the work of non-profit organizations across our country. One way that businesses support non-profits is through what is called “cause-marketing campaigns” that highlight selected organizations through the promotion of the business’ products and services.

A successful cause marketing campaign benefits the business or corporation, selected non-profits, and the consumer. Creating a link between a business and a non-profit provides a business with a way to attract the attention of consumers who believe in the organization. It also positions the business as a “good corporate citizen,” and helps build brand loyalty even in challenging economic times.

That loyalty can increase if its customers see that the business has a commitment to worthy non-profits in their community. For its part, the non-profit gains the benefit of exposure generated by the promotional campaign as well as funding it derives from the campaign. Consumers who make purchases during these campaigns gain a product or service, and a feeling of goodwill, knowing that a portion of the proceeds will benefit the organization they believe in.

One such example is what Toyota Motors is doing. They are encouraging local dealerships across the country to support the work of non-profits in their communities by offering a dollar-for-dollar match of up to $10,000 to each participating dealership. In Memphis, Tennessee Chuck Hutton Toyota Scion is committing $100 for each car sold in December and January with the goal of raising $10,000 to secure the maximum match. The goal is to create a $20,000 “charity pot” that will be distributed among four local non-profits. The campaign is called We Care We Share.

So, for the rest of January, driving off in a new car from Chuck Hutton Toyota Scion will also help raise funds for local nonprofits in Memphis. Further engaging their public, the dealership is inviting people to vote for which four of six local organizations they would like to see split the pot at the end of the campaign. The six organizations are The Exchange Club Family Center, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Memphis, New Ballet Ensemble & School, Urban Art Commission, Wolf River Conservancy, and Soulsville Foundation.

This gives consumers two ways to participate. Purchase a Toyota or Scion from the Chuck Hutton dealership and help increase the contents of the charity pot. Vote for which of the organizations should receive the contents of the charity pot.

Take a moment to see for yourself. Visit the Chuck Hutton website to learn more about the promotion, to vote, and to learn more about Memphis area local non-profits.

This is just one creative way that local businesses can support local non-profits doing good work in the community.

© Copyright Mel and Pearl Shaw.


4 responses to “We Care, We Share – Cause Marketing Campaigns

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  3. I actually found a pretty good site called “chip-in” it allows people to donate to your cause via a few different methods.

    Here is mine, as you can see I have zero donations, partially because I just started, and partially because everywhere I post this is considered “spam” and deleted. I figure here its legit since I’m sharing the link with other people looking for donation ideas :D. I think it would work very well if you had a popular blog (I don’t).



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