Saad & Shaw is Growing

Chiquita Tuttle

Spring brings not only new offices, but also new team members. We are pleased to welcome a new member of the Saad & Shaw team – Chiquita Tuttle, our new Director of Fund Development Services for the West Coast.

Ms. Tuttle has an MBA in Health Services Administration and brings over a decade of strong marketing, organizational development, strategic planning and leadership experience in health service, social service and community organizations to this position. She has run her own consulting firm since 1998 working with numerous health service, social service and community organizations. Tuttle has assisted several leading faith-based and community organizations in establishing major donor and development fund programs. Her experience also includes redesigning organizational structures, administrative and financial management systems, for community trust organizations. Tuttle works with several boards in the SF Bay Area including Catholic Charities for Human Development, and has a special interest in working with communities of color on HIV/AIDS.

As Director of Fund Development Services Ms. Tuttle will work with non-profit organizations to help identify their fundraising strengths and opportunities and to explore how Saad & Shaw can help them rethink their revenue sources.

If your organization is ready to take a quantum leap, contact Chiquita Tuttle at (510) 867-7177 or


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