There’s always more to accomplish

Harness Your CreativityLast week we met with the executive director and board chair for an organization that is interested in raising money so they can expand their reach to serve people they aren’t yet reaching. Their history and current successes are strong and impressive. But that’s not enough for them. In fact their focus is on “how can we realign and increase our resources so we can serve those we aren’t yet reaching.”

Yes, they want to engage in fundraising. But they are also looking at revenue-producing partnerships. They have identified their assests – property and programs – and are looking at how they can use these to expand services, increase impact and increase revenue. They are looking forward. And they are making decisions and taking actions to deliver on their vision.

We were impressed. We would be impressed with this organization at any point in time. But we are particularly impressed right now. Like so many other organizations they are in jepordy of budget cuts, decreased revenue, expiring grants. But that is not their focus. Their focus is finding creative ways to engage others in helping them deliver on their mission.

Think about your successes. Think about who you are serving and who you are not yet serving. Then think about how you could serve them. Consider who you could partner with. How could you create a mutually beneficial partnership?It might seem difficult. It might feel impossible. But maybe not. We encourage you to look forward, to think creatively, and focus on your mission. You may just find answers and possibilities that can take you in new directions.


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