Are you a 50% Giver?

Hsieh Family Chooses to Give

Hsieh Family Chooses to Give


“My wife and I decided to give away all our income above the U.S. median household income.” – Tom Hsieh

Do you know anyone who gives away 50% of their income? Believe it or not, people do. And they feel good. Read Tom Hsieh’s story.

Anne and Christopher Ellinger know 125 people who give away at least half of their income. They created Bolder Giving in Extraordinary Times to encourage bold giving.

“We live in a time of historic crisis and opportunity, when contributions of time and money could make a crucial difference.Yet most of us – even if well-off – give at a fraction of our capacity. Bolder Giving’s mission is to inspire us to give at our full potential by providing remarkable role models and practical support.”

Bolder Giving’s 50% Leagaue is one way they encourage more of us to give more.  You could be a millionaire and participate, or you have a much smaller income. The only requirement is that you have donated 50% or more of your income or business profits for at least three years, or 50% or more of net worth at some point in their lifetime, to causes that reflect your deepest values. (FYI, average U.S. giving is under 3% of income.)

“There’s nothing to counteract a feeling of scarcity like generosity.” – Anne Ellinger, founder Bolder Giving in Extraordinary Times

Read People who give half their money away in the SF Chronicle that inspired this blog


One response to “Are you a 50% Giver?

  1. I think its amazing how generous people can be. These people are very inspiring.

    After a long time of not knowing what to do with my life, I recently discovered that I want to dedicte my life to philanthropy.


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